When Is The Last Time A Customer Drove

3 Hours To Buy A Product From You?

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened to one of our retailers in Western Australia just a short while ago.

You see, since 2005 our delicious range of savoury jams has built up a loyal and passionate following.

Customers will go out of their way to find our products. They will often suggest them to friends and family. A short time ago, a Hollywood actor even praised our range in the Sydney Morning Herald.

These ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations have resulted in a growing appetite for our mouth-watering meat accompaniments.

We are now actively seeking new
retail partners to service this demand.

If your customers appreciate great-tasting, premium food products with natural ingredients, then we would love to put you in touch with our distributors to discuss a potential partnership.

Our jams are a fantastic addition to butcher displays, delicatessen, and gourmet food stores. Your customers will love them, we promise!

To get more information about stocking our unique range of products today, enter your details in our Get in Touch page, or call us on