Our Story


The Spoonfed Story

Back in 2005, two friends with a passion for food felt frustrated about the lack of quality condiments available for their favourite lamb dishes.

Many of the supermarket relishes they tried were bland, dull and over-processed. Even the gourmet products in delis lacked the complex flavours and textures they craved. Eventually, out of desperation, one of the friends, a passionate chef with more than 25 years’ experience suggested they create their own recipes.

A short time later, Spoonfed Foods was born.

Our first jam was a lamb accompaniment…
...a mouthwatering combination of crunchy Australian apples, freshly picked garden mint, and a hint of rosemary - all soaked in squeezed lemon juice and organic cider vinegar.
This recipe was slow-cooked in the traditional way for up to five hours. Then preserved in heat-sealed glass jars for freshness - just like homemakers have done for generations.

To say the chef were nervous when this virgin batch went on sale is an understatement.
Would Australians enjoy these strange meat accompaniments? Or would they simply ignore the unusual jars and reach for the plastic ketchup bottle and mint sauce instead?
Our chef need not have worried!

Our first jam was a jawdropping success.

The jars flew off the shelves. People loved the product. The phone was ringing off the hook with new orders for weeks afterwards.
From then on, more customers discovered us. We expanded our range - creating an entire array of savoury jams for almost every meal and occasion.
Whether it is a Sunday roast with your family, or wine and cheese with friends on a warm summer’s evening, Spoonfed Jams adds a little magic to the moment.

Today, Spoonfed Foods is Australia's Leading Savoury Jam Specialist.

Gourmet produce stores, master butchers and delis in every State stock our products.
Our recipes have received rave reviews from food lovers, critics, and even Hollywood celebrities.
However, we never forget our roots.
Even now, every new product is taste-tested by a chef with at least two decades of experience.
Plus, we still insist on only using the finest natural ingredients - no artificial preservatives, no colouring, no E-numbers.
If you would love a unique taste experience, why not try our jams with your favorite meat or savoury dish today. Oh and by the way.. they also make wonderful gifts for family and friends.
We hope you enjoy the Spoonfed Foods range and they form part of your memorable moments that you share with friends and family.

Thanks & keep jamming, Valérie & Mike.