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    As a former chef, it is always wonderful to find products that are better than anything you could make yourself!
    Gary Minford Sydney
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      I may be slightly obsessed but I don't think a day would pass where I don't use one of your jams to enhance my meals.
      Dan ProcterSydney
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      I really love all your products, my favourites are the Lamb Jam and Red Onion, but also the Snag is so great too!
      Nikki SeagarSydney  

Hi Valerie, thanks for your note and yes we just love your products. Will take a few roasts, sandwiches and canapés to get through the 10 jars. What a delightful challenge we have in front of us. Many thanks

Elizabeth & Graham


Hi Valerie, I had chicken Kiev for dinner last night and used Pork Jam because it had pineapple and Asian flavours - Absolutely YUMMO. Can't wait to get home tonight and have steak with Hot Jam. Thank you for a great service.



Hi Valerie, it was great to be able to order your wonderful products on line - we use to have to drive over 30 minutes to the Samford IGA to purchase them and they didn't have all your lines so it was nice to order some new varieties. We have been buying your products for quite a while now and we love them - might say they are even better than my Mum's savory pickles, chutneys and jams (but I wouldn't tell her that). Our favourites are the lamb jam and the pork jam and I can't wait to try the ham jam with Cherries. Have to buy a few extra for Christmas presents.

Kind Regards, Carol & Mark, Whiteside QLD.


Hi Valerie, thank you for your response... My wife and I were introduced to your delicious jams last week when on a family holiday and we loved them! In particular the "Snag Jam", so we decided to order several different flavours as Xmas gifts for extended family etc here in NZ. I'm sure they will be a huge success...

Cheers Trevor & Louise, New Zealand


Bought your jam from, can't remember where in the Hunter Valley... Anyway the 'jam' was superb with the roast lamb I cooked tonight for dinner... The first home cooked meal in a while since we've just moved house... The jam perfectly accompanied the meal... Just Devine!
Thanks again for this delicious invention!

Cheers Pauline, Sydney


I have 2 butchers shops, very impressed with your product, I would like to stock in both shops.

Cheers Andrew


I love this product! Just tried the Lamb Jam, amazing. Have just ordered the full range and I expect to love them too. Great work, I'll be telling everybody to try these products.
With regards


Thank you so much for putting through our order so quickly. You have the best service.

Jim & Madge


My husband and I have tried the "Lamb jam" and if the other jams are as good as the Lamb jam, what a treat awaits us.




After a fruitless search in specialty stores in Nth Sydney including Tomas Dux at Crow's Nest, I headed for your suggestion at 4 Fromaggio, and guess what?..they had two jars and two jars only of Hot Jam!!...exactly what and how many my Calif friends pleaded for and needed so desparately to feed their hopeless helpless addiction. What you're selling just might be against the law you know! ;-D

Thanks a bunch Valerie. You've made some Americans very very happy!

Cheers and beers



After purchasing your wonderful jams for our corporate Christmas hampers last year, we got a huge positive response; So much so that we'll be ordering these again for this years hampers!

Liquid Communications


We have recently purchased your lamb jam and snag jam at the Gluten Free Food Show in Melbourne... and they are FANTASTIC! We had lamb at the weekend and it took it to another level. The gourmet sausages with snag jam was just sooo good.  

Anyway, I think this is probably the first time I've felt compelled to email the maker and rave about the product. Well done!!



Oh my goodness do we LOVE your Hot Jam! Seriously – we cannot stop raving about it and we are eating it with everything!



Given some by friend - absolutely wonderful. 
We love your stuff and miss it dreadfully, living in Malaysia. Do you have stockists in Malaysia or a country nearby?  Whilst living in Switzerland, each time (usually once a year), we returned to Australia, about half the weight on return to Switzerland in our bags was hot jam and garlic and lamb jam.

Have a great week.




So glad to see your excellent products are gluten free. Thank you.