What is a Savoury Jam?


Spoonfed Savoury Jam is a brand new category of specially created food condiments that are each designed to go with and balance particular savoury foods; their “partners”

Spoonfed Savoury Jams are made just like jam, first slowly simmering fruit to a lava-like flowing consistency; but that’s just the beginning for us.
We next add the flavours that will give sweet, spicy, hot, earthy, fresh or sour tones depending on which of our Savoury Jams we are building, always tasting as we go until we achieve a perfect balance of texture and flavour.

To understand why we have created a Savoury Jam, think about when we eat something spicy or savoury, we often feel like something cool and sweet afterwards; perhaps ice-cream. After that, we often feel like something salty to balance the sweetness, to take away that sensation or after-taste of the cream.

Like the need for a sweet ice-cream after eating spicy, seasoned or salty food, our palates look for the opposite flavour to balance out our favourite meat, chicken, seafood or vegetable dishes. While these proteins are deliciously savoury and a little rich and fatty, our palate is looking for the flavours to complement that salt, fat and richness, to mellow out the tastes with a clean citrus or sharp herby flavour, a roasted warm spice or fresh lemon zest. Texture too is important. To taste a hint of cumin in Snag Jam alongside of rich ripe smoked Roma tomato is to create balance and a burst of flavour on the palate and to add layers and textures to interest our palate. The overall result is a Yum moment; the one you get when something tastes just right; ticks all the sensation boxes! It is in fact, a balanced and complete taste.

For example, Lamb Jam, our first complete complimentary taste sensation that combined all the elements a lamb roast needs.

Lamb Jam is made with an apple base which creates a classic and sweet fruitiness to counter that fatty richness of Lamb. The classic natural flavours we add are fresh tangy lemon, sharp apple vinegar, cool and sweet fresh mint and warm earthy rosemary, all clean and tantalizing fresh flavours to provide that gorgeous taste hit that balances Lamb perfectly, really partners it, boosting each mouthful to a higher taste sensation, perfectly perfecting the lamb with sweet and savoury delight that pleases the tastebuds and satisfies the search for that burst of a fresh, fruity, warm, herby, clean kick that makes it taste complete with every mouthful.

All jams can be used as a condiment and also as an ingredient in your favourite recipe.