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Smaller jars and pricing

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As you would have seen by now, we have transitioned to a smaller jar and I feel like we need to clarify a few things about the move... so here it is:

We have been talking with industry players and consumers to consider areas of improvement in our products; which includes analysing consumer trends and changes in the category. The Corona Virus has brought about the change in market conditions to trigger a reduction in our jar sizes and our price point.We have reduced the jar size as people felt the old jar was too large, lasting too long in the fridge.
As for pricing, most people perceived the jams as an expensive product, which was a barrier to purchase, especially coming into times of economic hardship (like now). We were 2 years overdue for a price rise to recover higher raw ingredient costs anyway. We use the finest ingredients like fresh mint, fresh garlic, fresh chili and our own hand smoked tomatoes. Using fresh ingredients and Australian ingredients, where possible, comes at a cost, but we want to make the best savoury jams along with supporting Australian producers, plus we are a small family run business.
The smaller jar is also a little stronger which reduces the risk of breakage during shipping; and the lid seal has been improved.

I hope this makes more sense and I thank you for your ongoing support.


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