Easy and Great Christmas Ham

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Here is a simple and easy way to serve absolutely delicious baked ham and with our signature Ham Jam savoury cherry.  Your family and guests will think you’re a gourmet chef.  The cherries, pineapple, spices and mustard in Ham Jam will transform this meal.  We prefer to use a Weber with charcoal, however this can be done in the oven or on a gas BBQ (see notes at the end). 
  • Purchase a cooked 5 - 6kg leg ham
  • A jar of Spoonfed Foods Ham Jam, to taste

Let's start cooking 

Using a sharp knife, cut the rind around the ham and down the middle so its free on all sides, making sure to cut through the rind to the fat.
Place the ham on the Weber BBQ over a medium heat, use a drip tray.  Cook with the lid on for 45mins, or until there is a 2 1/2 cm gap in the rind on the top of the ham.
Remove the rind from the ham and then score the fat in a criss cross fashion to make squares approx 2.5cm.
Cook with the lid on for 10mins.
Glaze the Ham with Ham Jam, spreading liberally over the top of the ham.  
Place 2 hickory smoking chips into the coals, 1 on each side.
Replace the lid and cook for additional 20mins.
Remove from the BBQ and slice and serve up an easy and delicious Ham.  Use Spoonfed Foods Ham Jam to make this meal incredible and have people congratulating you as a gourmet chef.
If using a conventional gas BBQ follow the above method and place the smoking chips inside a smoking box after the Ham has cooked for 45mins.
If using an Oven, have the oven temp at 200 degrees Celsius. and follow steps above without the smoking chips.