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  • Garlic jam, caramelised garlic with lemon. Brilliant with steak, sausages, poultry, cheese & stir-fries.
  • Garlic Jam spoons.
  • Prawn and chorizo pasta with garlic jam.

Garlic Jam

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Caramelised garlic, lemon and zingy herbs take garlic to another dimension.
Garlic Jam is brilliant with steak, sausages, poultry, cheese & stir-fries.
Bring your family & friends together and take your next meal from great to amazing.

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Garlic Jam - A Taste Of The Mediterranean With Cheese, Eggs or Meat. 

Pita bread, olives, crackers, all of their favourites sit on the picnic rug before you.

The tall trees filter the speckled sunlight. The birds whistle nearby. The grass feels soft beneath your bare feet.

You think to yourself that it’s a beautiful day to be eating outside. The strong flavours of garlic and lemon fill the air as you take another bite of the plain cracker smothered in delicious Garlic Jam. The sliced garlic remind you that these are real ingredients cooked in the traditional way.

Instantly, the sweetness of the caramelised garlic teases your taste buds - complimented perfectly by the intense Tuscan-flavour of sun-dried tomatoes and just a hint of fresh lemon.

Our delicious Mediterranean-inspired Garlic Jam is perfect with sharp cheese, boiled eggs and slow-cooked meats. Taste-drive this aromatic recipe for yourself today.


GARLIC JAM is Made in Australia from at least 64% Australian ingredients

Glass jar 200g net 


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  1. let it be the star, not a sidedish

    Posted by isabella on 16th Jan 2019

    Simply great with cream cheese on crusty sourdough, where the flavours of the jam can shine


Sugar, garlic (34%), lemon juice (9%) (Australian lemon juice), onions, extra virgin olive oil, sundried tomato, lemon zest (0.3%), gelling agent (pectin), cracked black pepper, salt.

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