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Garlic Jam in the Spotlight

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We know that if you love garlic, you will no doubt love Garlic Jam. We would like to share some simple tips on how to use the Garlic Jam straight out of the jar.

prawn recipe

Here are a few tips:

  1. Try it on a pizza: buy a good quality pizza base (or make one yourself, you can even use Lebanese bread), spread on tomato sauce, add mushrooms, sliced ham, and any toppings you might like, and top up with a couple of spoons of Garlic Jam. If you REALLY LOVE garlic, you might want to spread the garlic jam straight onto the base before the tomato sauce.
  2. Fancy some garlic for breakfast: cook your scrambled eggs and top up with a spoon of Garlic Jam.
  3. Use it as a bruschetta base, with baby tomatoes.
  4. Spread it on your favourite toasted sandwich.
  5. Add one or two spoons to your Bolognese pasta, when serving the dish.
  6. Instant garlic prawns, perfect for an entree or as an aperitivo plate: buy some fresh prawns, clean and leave the tail on, put half a spoon of Garlic Jam per prawn and serve.

We asked our audience why they love our Garlic Jam and here is some of their responses:

  • So unique.
  • It's just surprising, sweet and tasty.
  • Very tasty.
  • Instant success in the palate.
  • Because I love it!
  • How did I survive without it?
  • Not too strong, but still great flavour.
  • Because it hit the spot, love garlic.
  • Taste of heaven for meat.
  • It has a really punchy flavour.
  • It is sensational on my salad, as a topping.
  • I love garlic, but this is just, wow!

Amazing on a pizza.

Garlic Jam

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