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Make your DAD a King for a day

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Ok, let's face it when it comes to the BBQ, Dad is the king! This is the area of expertise for men; deciding on the correct number of burners, whether it's grill only or grill and hot plate, then comes the add-on gadgets, fish grill, skewers... and the utensils! So when the day comes to fire up the BBQ for entertaining, Dad is ready to go, although sometimes Dad needs a little help from Mum.

So here is how the BBQ routine goes...

  1. Mum buys the food
  2. Mum makes the salad, cuts the vegetables and makes a delicious dessert.
  3. Dad switches on the gas BBQ
  4. Mum prepares the meat for cooking, organises a plate with all the condiments (especially the Chipotle Jam & Snag Jam), the utensils for the BBQ and brings it all outside to give it to Dad, who is in his chair with a beer in his hand, project managing!
  5. Dad places the meat on the grill.
  6. Mum goes back inside to sort out plates, cutlery and glasses.
  7. Then, mum comes out to tell Dad that the meat is burning, he thanks her and ask her to bring him another beer while he gets the situation under control.
  8. Dad takes the meat of the grill and hands it off to mum.
  9. Mum prepares the table, brings lovely plates and cutlery, nice napkins, the salad, the vegetables, the bread and sauces.
  10. The guests sit down and marvel at the setting and the delicious spread.
  11. Everyone compliments dad on his cooking efforts.
  12. After eating, mum clears the table and does the dishes!

So this Father's day you can make Dad's life even easier by gifting him some gourmet jams, Chipotle Jam & Snag Jam, they take a meal from good to gourmet and Dad will be an even bigger hero!

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