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Cherry & Pineapple temptation for your Christmas Ham

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A delicious cherry and pineapple jam - HAM JAM in the spotlight...

The jam’s sour cherries and crushed pineapple complement the saltiness of the meat perfectly. The Australian honey adds a hint of sweetness that makes your mouth water.

The mouthfeel of the mustard seeds, the soft melting cherries reminds you that this is ‘real food’ made from real ingredients - nothing artificial here.

You’ll have no problem getting rid of these leftovers … that is unless you eat them all yourself first.

Our Ham Jam is not just for Christmas.

It’s the perfect accompaniment at any time of the year for all flavours of ham - whether on the leg and baked, a ham steak, or even shaved in a sandwich.

Here is what our customers say about Ham Jam:

  • Reminds me of Christmas
  • It was delightful
  • Intense flavour
  • Imagine Christmas with the ultimate mouth watering tongue tickling flavours of Ham Jam, wouldn't pass it up!
  • It reminds me of maple glazed bacon
  • Tastes like Canadian Christmas
  • It's like no other jam I have tasted before
  • It's taking me back to Thanksgiving and happiness
  • It makes ham sexy

Insider's tip, try Ham Jam on vanilla ice cream!

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