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Chipotle Jam - Add a delicious Smoky Kick To Your Meals and delight your guests.

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We are delighted to announce our chef and the team have produced the first commercial batch of our latest gourmet creation “Chipotle Jam”.

It starts with a smooth smokey aroma and flavour with undertones of capsicum and onion and finishes with a nice kick of heat. We sourced premium grade chipotle from South America, Mexico to be precise. It's a different flavour to the Hot Jam and slightly hotter than the Hot Jam.

It was a crowd pleaser among nearly 1,000 people at the Sydney Taste festival, in fact our Chipotle Jam was the second most popular of our range behind the Red Onion/Shiraz/Port Jam and people were keen to know when it would be available in stores.

The Chipotle Jam can be used in the same way as the Hot Jam. Perfect with prawns, sausages, any barbecued meat, add a kick to your favourite pizza for an instant hot and smokey twist. It's hot but not hot enough to overtake the flavour of the food you are having it with.

Being consistent in our approach and our quality, we use the best possible ingredients to bring out the best flavour and consistency; the jam is slow cooked, gluten free and has a 2 yr Best Before date.

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  Chipotle Jam

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